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Jeffrey M. Liggio July 8, 2019

Initiated in 2005, Williams vs. Heritage Operating, L.P. was brought on behalf of a Class of former Peoples Gas Customers improperly charged tank rent for propane tanks that were buried in, or installed on, Class members’ respective property. Ultimately, the Class Action (the “Action”) resulted with a Final Judgment awarding damages to Class members for tank rent paid to a successor gas company, Heritage Propane between sometime in 2003 until November, 2008. During the 12 years of litigating the Action, Heritage produced its database records, which confirmed the total amount of tank rent and sales tax on that tank rent customers were charged between sometime in 2003 up until November, 2008; however, because the Action lasted 12 years, those amounts also accrued statutory interest. Thus, each Class member’s individual recovery is no less than 100% of the total amount charged for tank rent and sales tax charged on that tank rent, through November 2008.

Additionally, and notwithstanding the fact that each Class member is receiving no less than 100% of their damages as noted above, the Court has already considered and assessed attorneys’ fees and expenses to be paid to the legal team who prosecuted this Action as well as the cost of distributing the funds to the Class. if you wish to view the Class Certification Order, the Order on Liability, the Final Judgment, the order regarding distribution to Class members and/or the Court’s allocation of attorneys’ fees and costs, they can all be viewed as .pdf files by clicking the links below.

If, after reviewing these files, you have any questions or objections, you should write to Lead Counsel, Jeffrey Liggio, at Any questions must be received, in writing, no later than July 15, 2017.

Please be aware that some Class Members may need to have a check reissued for various reasons (e.g. name change, lost check, etc.). As a result, we have created the following email address to handle such inquiries.