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You Have Rights When it Comes to Debt Collection

Can a debt collector contact you anytime they want? Nope.

Can a debt collector deceive you in any way to get you to speak with them or pay your debt? Nope.

Can you tell a debt collector to stop contacting you & do they have to? You bet.


In the late 1970s, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was passed by Congress to put an end to corrupt debt collection practices and to protect consumers from unlawful harassment for unpaid personal, family and household debt (business-related debts are excluded).

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The FDCPA has a very specific set of rules that govern anyone who collects debts including collection agencies, lawyers and debt purchasing companies. It also allows consumers the right to seek legal counsel if they've been illegally harassed to seek monetary relief and a court order for collectors to cease communications.

While this sounds simple, there are many complexities to bringing an end to the harassment. Our lawyers can help you navigate the waters of aggressive debt collectors and bring you peace of mind. We will deal directly with the agents and companies so you can stop cringing when your phone rings.