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Americans are 24/7 consumers, making purchases in actual stores and online. So, statistically one can expect things to go awry on occasion. But Consumer Protection Law exists to stop fraudulent and unfair business practices from happening to you. It's actually a group of laws that prevent you from purchasing items that don't work as promised, being overcharged for an item or even being charged for an item you never purchased in the first place. The laws are also in place to prevent unethical businesses from gaining unfair advantages over their competitors.

These governing laws give you power as a consumer to file a private lawsuit if you've been the victim of fraudulent business dealings. Often times you will recover your attorney's fees and can actually receive triple the amount you lost if you win your case.

Dealing with a Fraudulent Business?

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Defense Against Unfair Business Practices

Let us help you to understand your rights and what to do when something goes wrong so you can protect your wallet and livelihood. If you can't solve the problem on your own, don't hesitate to ask us for help so we can give you the best legal answers to your problem.

We can help you figure out:

  • If your complaint could be the basis of a class-action suit.
  • If you should not only file a lawsuit but also a complaint with the FTC
  • If you should seek relief under federal or state law.