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Not many people can afford to simply pay cash for health care services. Health insurance is a necessity for most people. When you purchase health insurance, whether on your own or through your employer, you assume that if you become ill or get hurt and require medical attention, your medical costs will be covered, with the exception of copayments and deductibles. However, when the medical insurance company refuses to pay your claim, you can end up with astronomical medical bills. Some people are even forced into bankruptcy because of overwhelming medical debt that should have been covered by insurance.

Health Insurance is Complex

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Understand Your Policy & Your Options

Health Insurance policies are complex and confusing documents. Most people who purchase policies through their employer never actually see the policies. Insurance companies include numerous terms and conditions that can affect your benefits. Our health insurance policy attorneys are familiar with the terms and conditions in medical insurance policies and how they should be applied to your claim. If your claim for health insurance benefits is denied, we will examine your policy and explore options for securing payment for medical benefits.

Our medical insurance litigation lawyers have extensive experience representing clients who require complex and expensive medical procedures. Typically, disputes over coverage arise when you require surgery, transplants, and long-term care. However, even denial of the most basic procedures can deny you the medical care you need and place you in dire financial straits.