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Private disability insurance, whether obtained through your employer or purchased privately, is designed to replace your loss of income in the event you become temporarily or permanently disabled and unable to earn income from work. It does not matter if you or your employer paid the premiums. Just as with any insurance policy, when you are entitled to collect benefits, the insurance company has a legal and contractual obligation to pay your claim. If the insurance company refuses to pay your claim, our experienced disability insurance trial lawyers will work with you to explore options for possible litigation of your claim.

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In many disability insurance claim disputes, disagreements over the nature and severity of the disability can lead to a delay or denial of payment. Disputes can also arise over the actual impact of the injury or condition on your ability to earn income from working. In some cases, the deciding factor is medical evidence. You will need to present credible medical evidence of your disability. At the same time, the insurance company may present contradictory medical evidence, and the court must make a decision. Our disability insurance trial lawyers work closely with your doctors to assist in the evaluation, analysis, development, and presentation of credible and persuasive medical evidence. The goal of our entire team is to see that you receive the disability benefits to which you are entitled.