Please explain to me why we need civil justice “reform”, exactly?

The general public expects that the government, federal, state, and local, is really “watching the store”, and will aggressively prosecute and punish wrongdoers.That just isn’t the case.During the past 30 years, we have eliminated, privatized, and weakened government watchdog and prosecution functions to the point that they are almost laughable. If things weren’t so scary now, it would be an enormous joke…on the people.In the March 3rd edition of Rolling Stone magazine, Matt Taibbi, who is a terrific investigative journalist, (one of the few today), wrote this article on what did not happen to Wall Street and the bankers: the joke is on the people again… If the government can’t or won’t prosecute and punish the wrongdoers, our system now gives individuals and businesses the right to file civil lawsuits for that purpose. What happens if the politicians take that ability away?Make no mistake about it, “reform” is “deform”, and the big corporations, and their politician friends, are laughing at us all.

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