Our Propane tank rent class action

You would be charitable if you told me that I am a poor blogger.  Frankly, I’ve been extremely busy, and I simply won’t hire a “professional blogger” to write for me, I’d rather be occasional, but occasionally folks will hear from me.

With that said, We’ve been litigating a class action initially against Heritage Propane, and now against Amerigas, for charging “tank rent” to thousands of Floridians who initially were customers of Peoples Gas, before Peoples Gas merged with Heritage back in 2000.

We brought the suit in 2005, and it has been in litigation since.  The history of this litigation is way too lengthy and intricate to put into a blog post, but I did want to share the terrific sanctions order that Judge Campbell entered against Heritage several months ago. (See! I told you what a poor blogger I am.).

With that said, I do have a few more things to chat about (all litigation related), that I’ll try to post in the coming days.

Jeff Liggio

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