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Jeffrey M. Liggio May 3, 2015

We have been involved, for some time now, in two class action cases against a company that was formerly known as “American Home Mortgage Servicing”, they changed their name to “Homeward” (hah!), and they were eventually purchased and merged with “Ocwen”.

The case has been bitterly contested, but finally we have filed motions for class certification.  If we are successful, the case will affect thousands of Floridian homeowners who were over charged for “force placed insurance”, some of whom were forced into foreclosure as a result.

We’ll know if the class is certified within the next 60 days or so, so please, if your interested, stay tuned.  If you are inclined to read that Martorella  lawsuit, it is posted on our website, here.

We’re also very excited that we have the opportunity to assist our very good friend and client, Felton “Jack” Smith, in his fight against Green Tree Mortgage Servicing. Jack is a terrific man, and it is a real honor to represent him.

His case is not a class action (of course not every case should be). The story is really very unfortunate, and incredible. We’ve also posted the complaint we’ve filed on his behalf as well as Green Tree’s answer to the complaint on that same page of our website.

In the past several weeks the Federal Consumer Protection Financial Bureau and the federal Trade Commission sued Green Tree.  That webpage, with links to the various documents can be found here:

The housing and foreclosure crisis is a long, long, way from being over.

I want to sign out with a line from Woody Guthrie (Arlo’s Dad):

“I’ve been all through life’s rambles, and I’ve met a lot of men,

Some rob you with a six gun, others rob you with a fountain pen.”