Lutz v Protective Life Insurance

This post is very important for more than 100 Floridians who had health insurance with Protective Life.

In order to avoid taking up too much space in this blog post, I will link to some important documents regarding this case which are posted on our website.

First, the Complaint that we filed on behalf of our terrific client, Mark Lutz, which explains what this class action is about.

That same page on our website has the 4th District Appellate Court Opinion in the Lutz case is also here.

Protective Life was represented by an outstanding lawyer and advocate, Tony Harlow, and working together we settled the case. The trial judge just preliminarily approved the settlement.

As part of the settlement, more than 100 Floridians will be receiving a Claim Form in the mail.

THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE ON THE LIST, the form is very simple to complete, please, anyone who gets the Claim Form, complete it, and return it as instructed.If you do so, you will receive a substantial check, most likely in September. A copy of the Claim Form is also posted on our website here.

We take our fiduciary responsibility to all of our class members very seriously, even if we have never met. We don’t want anyone in this class of more than 100 folks losing out. IF YOU GET THE FORM IN THE MAIL, fill it out and send it in.

Finally, if you think you may be a member of the class, please feel free to contact us to verify. 

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