Interesting insurance issues arise with Obamacare

If you thought that Obamacare would stop health insurers and HMOs from denying claims, or wrongly cancelling policies, or interpreting the law in their favor instead of yours, you were way off.

We’re actually seeing an increase of complaints. As a very good example, we’re representing an individual with a very unfortunate medical condition that is only managed with a very expensive medication.

Recently, his health insurer simply dropped him on the asserted basis that “similar” coverage was “available” to him under Obamacare……..except the “similar” coverage isn’t “similar” at all, and even if it was “similar”, he doesn’t qualify for it, so it wasn’t “available” to him at all.

His case and numerous others will still have to be resolved by a court of law.

My advice…. never take what you are told as the reason for a denial or cancellation at face value, make sure you read your policy, check the law, and if necessary, contact us.

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