Health Insurers raise premiums but have huge reserves

The politicians who were against the recent Health Care Reform Act, and the health insurance industry, kept repeating the myth that most people are happy with their health insurance.Yeah right! Uh huh...People are tickled when their claims aren’t paid, or the insurer pays a fraction of their bills.People are tickled when they can’t get medical care recommended by their doctor because the health insurance won’t approve it.People are tickled when their physician prescribes a medicine, but their health insurance company changes the prescription to a cheaper, less effective generic drug.People are REALLY jumping for joy each year on renewal, when the coverage is limited, again, and they get a premium increase: more money for less benefits....and now this: Consumers Union issued a report that shows, while they are limiting care and benefits, and jacking up premiums, a number of the Blue Cross “nonprofit” insurers are sitting on huge surpluses of cash.Here’s the link to the Washington Post story, which itself contains the link to the study itself:

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