Health Care Reform Patients Bill of Rights

Over the years, we’ve had many cases, where our client cared enough for themselves and their loved ones to purchase health insurance or an HMO plan, only to learn, when they need the benefits, that the insurance company of HMO has decided to rescind their insurance because they supposedly failed to disclose something in their medical history when they applied for the coverage in the first place.The person and their loved ones are forced to fight with the insurance company or HMO when they are sick, and in debt. In other words, they must fight the insurance company or HMO when they are least able to do so, at their lowest ebb.One of the more important aspects of the recent Health Care Reform act is its Patients Bill of Rights, that will stop insurance companies and HMOs from rescinding coverage unless the insured actually commits fraud (intentionally lies) when the coverage is applied for.

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