The Florida Civil Justice System is in peril

I am, at best, and infrequent blogger. I simply refuse to hire someone to blog for me, (which I understand is the norm, and not the exception), because I think that a blog is personal, and is intended to give my personal insights and feelings. So that is my weak explanation for my long gap between posts.

At any time, in our practice, there are 4 or 5 cases in the appellate courts.  Over the years, a number of those cases were decided at the Florida Supreme Court. An abbreviated list of some of the cases is here on our website.

Especially in the past decade or so, getting our cases resolved in court has become increasingly difficult, primarily because the Florida legislature has repeatedly cut the budget for the courts.  The Florida civil justice sytem is strained almost to the breaking point, we don’t have enough judges, the judges we do have don’t have enough staff, and as a result even scheduling a hearing is a challenge.

The Courts are the third, independent branch of our government, both here in Florida and elsewhere.

Believe me, we don’t win all of our cases, and while we don’t always agree with the rulings of our courts. All we all want, and all any of us should expect, is a fair and equal shot, by judges who call the balls and the strikes right down the middle, without any thought of political consequences.

This year radicals, have mounted a campaign against three experienced, down the middle Florida Supreme Court Justices, who are up for Merit Retention on election day. 

Make sure when you vote, you do not just vote for Presdint, Senator and Congressional Representative, make sure you vote to retain these terrific Justices.

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