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Florida Homeowner’s & Property Insurance Dispute Attorneys

We represent clients throughout the state of Florida with their property insurance disputes, be they residential or commercial. Delays in the disbursement of Insurance payments to Florida policy holders caused many to be literally homeless following past hurricanes. Policy holders deserve a streamlined and efficient claims process after such a disaster and need access to benefits payments immediately, so they can begin the process of repairing damage done to their home or business and replacing damaged property or inventory.

If your insurance company is delaying or denying disbursement of payments as a result of a hurricane or other catastrophe, the insurance litigation firm of Liggio Law can help you. Insurance companies may dispute claims, depending upon circumstances particular to your policy or the damage done to your home or business. A policy may lack provisions for floods or so-called “acts of God.”

Claims that cite multiple types of damage i.e. fire and flood damage, may result in sections of the policy to be voided which can affect the amount of money available to a policy holder. An insurance company may make good on benefits payments, but may value the replacement cost for an item at such a reduced level relative to local pricing that the policy holder is left to make up the difference on their own. Additional ways in which benefit payments can be delayed or denied include disagreements over damage assessments, estimated labor hours needed to make repairs, and the proper appraisal amount for a piece of real estate.