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Have you ever received a letter suggesting you are in default ?

Have you ever received a letter from a collection company and/or your banking lender or mortgage servicer suggesting you are in default when you believe you are not? Were you afraid that there was no way to fight back or retain counsel to represent you in a dispute because the expense would be too high? […]

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Especially now, we need a Head Count

While we are all adjusting and dealing with this new Covid 19 reality, I recall an experience I had almost 30 years ago, when I was a Major, and a helicopter pilot in the Air Force Reserve. There was a lesson I learned then, that has stuck with me since, that I thought might be […]

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Coronavirus Insurance Issues

My apologies for my less than frequent blog post. One of the things I intend to do during this very uncertain and unsteady time is to blog about some of the issues we’ve been dealing with recently.. I hesitate to send this first post on one level, because I’ve never posted (as infrequently as I […]

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Should Your Homeowners Insurer Pay for Water Damage Caused by a Leaking Pipe?

Many homeowners policies are referred to as “all perils” policies which insure against a broad scope of damages with certain limitations, or “exclusions” contained in the policy that list items not covered. When it comes to water damage, policies often cover damage to the property caused by “accidental discharge” or “overflow of water or steam.” […]

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Establishing a Malicious Prosecution Claim

Sometimes plaintiffs sue for all the wrong reasons.  If a party sues an individual without a proper basis to bring suit, the party being sued may have a claim for malicious prosecution against the party who wrongfully filed suit.  Florida has long recognized malicious prosecution claims. Long ago (1932) the Florida Supreme court in Duval […]

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Beware of Lenders Wrongfully Foreclosing on a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage allows older homeowners to receive monthly payments from a lender based on the homeowners’ equity in their home.  In a typical scenario, a lender makes monthly payments to the homeowner and the homeowner’s obligation to repay the lender comes due only when the homeowner dies or moves from the home.  See Smith […]

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Grammar! How verb tense won a health insurance lawsuit!

Many “trial lawyers”  crow about how much money they make for themselves and their clients.  We’re not of that ilk. Every case is important to the client, and for us. Let me tell you about a recent case of ours that I’m just tickled about. We represent a wonderful woman who has been a public […]

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Reverse Mortgage problems… the issues are ongoing

I posted about Reverse Mortgages two weeks ago. We received some excellent and helpful e-mails in response, as well as several comments here on the Legal Examiner. One of those comments suggests that our information is old and outdated. Actually that is simply not true….. Further, I am certainly not alone in my concerns. I […]

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Reverse Mortgages and Mortgage Servicing: What we continue to learn is disturbing

Last September, I posted about reverse mortgages here. We agreed to represent our client, Mrs. Gravlin 4 days before the trial was scheduled in the foreclosure action.  She had a reverse mortgage, they were foreclosing on her (despite what you might have seen on TV commercials, you can lose your house…..) Mrs. Gravlin had been […]

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