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Where your insurance premiums actually go

It’s been some time since I posted on this Blog, and I apologize for that. We’ve been just a little busy with some of our ongoing bad faith suits and class actions. I’ll certainly try to do better. There was something in the media today that I think is very important reading. To put things […]

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Insurance Company Financial Problems

I have previously posted about the ongoing and anticipated effects of the current financial crisis on the insurance industry as a whole. Now, it’s getting personal. In 1984, my wife and I purchased Universal Life Insurance on both of our lives with Shenandoah Life Insurance Company. We have faithfully paid the premiums for the policies […]

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Insurance Industry woes

Following on from an entry last week, The insurance industry continues to report that employees are being laid off, and the reviewing services seem to be constantly downgrading the financial strength ratings of the various insurers. In times like these, the atmosphere is ripe for consumers to make the wrong decision when their insurance policy […]

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State Farm withdrawing from Florida

We’ve been watching the homeowners insurance market in Florida for more than 20 years now. The latest news is that State Farm announced today that it will not renew any homeowners policies in Florida. The impact on Florida homeowners is significant, 703,357 homeowners’ policies, written for $1,054,918,245.00, will be affected. This follows a trend that […]

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Class Actions and D&O Policies

In our Class Action practice, we want to know if the Defendant company has D&O or E&O insurance? D&O insurance is important to us for several reasons: 1) Is the insurance company providing the defense lawyers, and paying those lawyers? 2) Is there insurance coverage for our suit? 3) Is the D&O insurer denying coverage? […]

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Do Insurance Companies Sometimes Act In Bad Faith Because Of Their Own Financial Problems?

Everybody should realize that insurance companies make money by investing the money they receve in premiums paid by their insureds. Does anyone think that insurance companies are any better at investing their money than any of the wall street investment banks that made such bad decisions? Aside from all the press coverage of AIG’s problems, […]

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Florida Insurance Law: New 1st District case discusses Contract interpretation

Although not an insurance case, this week the Florida 1st District Court issued an opinion in: R. LAMAR WHEELER v. WHEELER, ERWIN & FOUNTAIN, P.A., etc., et al, which contains an excellent discussion of how courts read and interpret contracts in Florida. Insurance disputes often involve insurance contract interpretation. Insurance contracts are no different than […]

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