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Propane Tank Rent

Since 2005 we, and our, co-counsel Scott Johni, Phil Burlington, and Kent Whittemore, have been litigating a Class Action against Heritage Propane. Our client, Mr. Williams, entered into a contract with Peoples Gas in 1996. After 9 years… and 5 years after Peoples Gas had been merged into Heritage Propane… he received an invoice for […]

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An excellent well written Op Ed

I haven’t posted on this blog in a while, but I read this Op Ed by Bob Herbert in the New York Times last week that I just had to share: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/18/opinion/18herbert.html?_r=1&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss Mr. Herbert in a few words, without any political hyperbole, described how the leaders of our country are disconnected with how bad things […]

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Sometimes a picture is better than a thousand words

Well, there are a few words in this Non Sequitor cartoon, but just a few! I never can quite understand how voters elect politicians who support legislation that favors big corporations over the little guy. Some folks continually vote against their own better interest. How some legislators propose legislation that is drafted by the insurance […]

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Florida leads again!

I am so excited to announce that Florida is still right at the top……..at the top of the list of states that have the most people without health insurance. Actually, we’re number 3, behind Texas and New Mexico. Here’s the link to the Washington Post article regarding the new U.S Census report: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/27/AR2010072705835.html?wpisrc=nl_cuzhead What the […]

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A new report on insurance you may not need

Yesterday, the Consumer federation of America issued a report on various types of “add on” insurance. Here’s the link to this excellent report: http://admin.consumerfed.org/elements/www.consumerfed.org/File/Insurance_add-on_consumer_alert.pdf We’ve handled many cases over the years when claims were denied under these “add on” insurance companies, credit life and disability insurance, title insurance, travel insurance, bextended warranties, and others. Unfortunately, […]

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Health Insurers raise premiums but have huge reserves

The politicians who were against the recent Health Care Reform Act, and the health insurance industry, kept repeating the myth that most people are happy with their health insurance. Yeah right! Uh huh……… People are tickled when their claims aren’t paid, or the insurer pays a fraction of their bills. People are tickled when they […]

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Health Care Reform Patients Bill of Rights

Over the years, we’ve had many cases, where our client cared enough for themselves and their loved ones to purchase health insurance or an HMO plan, only to learn, when they need the benefits, that the insurance company of HMO has decided to rescind their insurance because they supposedly failed to disclose something in their […]

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National Indemnity Company of the South fraud verdict affirmed.

In 2007 we had the opportunity to represent a terrific young lady, Larose McLoyd, who had been the victim of a fraud perpetrated on her by the National Indemnity Company of the South and one of it’s claims personnel, Ms. Dworak. Here is the link to our brief description of the underlying facts and litigation: […]

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Where your insurance premiums actually go

It’s been some time since I posted on this Blog, and I apologize for that. We’ve been just a little busy with some of our ongoing bad faith suits and class actions. I’ll certainly try to do better. There was something in the media today that I think is very important reading. To put things […]

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Insurance Company Financial Problems

I have previously posted about the ongoing and anticipated effects of the current financial crisis on the insurance industry as a whole. Now, it’s getting personal. In 1984, my wife and I purchased Universal Life Insurance on both of our lives with Shenandoah Life Insurance Company. We have faithfully paid the premiums for the policies […]

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