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Online Travel Agency Settlement for Palm Beach County

I, along with two of my best friends, who are terrific trial lawyers, Louis Silber and John Romano, (our local Palm Beach County Legal Dream Team!), have had the very great pleasure of representing our Palm Beach County Tax Collector, Anne Gannon, against the on-line travel industry in litigation over the on-line travel companies’ liability […]

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Florida Insurance Blog is back, (at least I’ll try)!

I’m back….. I’m at BEST an occasional blogger…….. I believe very strongly that I’d prefer to not blog at all, or to be very occasional, instead of hiring a professional blogger to post entries for me. Each of us has developed our own unique way of speaking and writing, and I believe that that quality […]

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Understanding Insurance Bad Faith and What It Means for You and/or Your Business

This is a very well written piece about insurance bad faith. In essence, Florida’s bad faith laws help to force insurers to uphold their end of the bargain with policy holders. Florida’s legislature, often criticized as beholden to the insurance industry, is considering ANOTHER bill to limit or kill bad faith. Fortunately for Floridians, last […]

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Open enrollment season

A good read for those with tough choices to make regarding health insurance plans. http://money.cnn.com/2011/09/26/pf/open_enrollment.moneymag/index.htm

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some sound insurance advice

Some sound advice, especially during hurricane season in South Florida. http://money.cnn.com/2011/08/09/real_estate/homeowners_insurance.moneymag/index.htm

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The “Full Coverage” Fallacy

Hi, thanks for joining me here on my maiden voyage onto the Florida Insurance Law Blog. For my first entry, I’d like to address a common misconception regarding auto insurance that I’ve repeatedly encountered during my short, yet-oh-so-illustrious, legal career: The “Full Coverage” Fallacy. “Full Coverage” is almost always the response I get when asking […]

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Governor Scott is getting to work alright

Yesterday Governor Scott signed the new insurance “reform” package into law. Our poor insurance companies have already adopted Governor Scott’s slogan: “Let’s get to work!”……jacking up the premiums. I just heard from a friend, although she’s had no claims, her bill for her homeowner’s insurance just arrived, and it has doubled! Welcome to the new […]

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The health insurance companies are making record profits…

While people are delaying care, and not getting tests that they need to avoid problems. When did your health insurance premiums go down? When did your deductible and co-payment amount shring in the past few years? You know the answer……never. I’ll tell you what I think, they need to keep overcharging premiums to fund their […]

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The statute of limitations for Florida homeowners claims

In this past legislative session, the Florida Legislature once again “reformed” parts of the insurance code. Reform, for the benefit of our poor insurance companies…….. Anyway, there is one part of the new law that I think needs mention. The statute of limitations to file a lawsuit if a homeowner has a claim that stems […]

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