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Mortgage Servicers

We have been involved, for some time now, in two class action cases against a company that was formerly known as “American Home Mortgage Servicing”, they changed their name to “Homeward” (hah!), and they were eventually purchased and merged with “Ocwen”. The case has been bitterly contested, but finally we have filed motions for class […]

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Do the Regulators really regulate?

For many years, Florida has allowed health insurers to sell group policies within the state, that are not subject to much regulation in the state, under a statute known as the out-of-state group law, Fla. Stat. 627.6515: http://archive.flsenate.gov/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0600-0699/0627/Sections/0627.6515.html Part of that statute requires that the certificate that the insured receives must contain language, in contrasting […]

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Interesting insurance issues arise with Obamacare

If you thought that Obamacare would stop health insurers and HMOs from denying claims, or wrongly cancelling policies, or interpreting the law in their favor instead of yours, you were way off. We’re actually seeing an increase of complaints. As a very good example, we’re representing an individual with a very unfortunate medical condition that […]

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Our Propane tank rent class action

You would be charitable if you told me that I am a poor blogger.  Frankly, I’ve been extremely busy, and I simply won’t hire a “professional blogger” to write for me, I’d rather be occasional, but occasionally folks will hear from me. With that said, We’ve been litigating a class action initially against Heritage Propane, […]

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The Florida Civil Justice System is in peril

I am, at best, and infrequent blogger.  I simply refuse to hire someone to blog for me, (which I understand is the norm, and not the exception), because I think that a blog is personal, and is intended to give my personal insights and feelings.  so that is my weak explanation for my long gap […]

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Lutz v Protective Life Insurance

This post is very important for more than 100 Floridians who had health insurance with Protective Life. In order to avoid taking up too much space in this blog post, I will link to some important documents regarding this case which are posted on our website. First, the Complaint that we filed on behalf of […]

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Online Travel Agency Settlement for Palm Beach County

I, along with two of my best friends, who are terrific trial lawyers, Louis Silber and John Romano, (our local Palm Beach County Legal Dream Team!), have had the very great pleasure of representing our Palm Beach County Tax Collector, Anne Gannon, against the on-line travel industry in litigation over the on-line travel companies’ liability […]

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Florida Insurance Blog is back, (at least I’ll try)!

I’m back….. I’m at BEST an occasional blogger…….. I believe very strongly that I’d prefer to not blog at all, or to be very occasional, instead of hiring a professional blogger to post entries for me. Each of us has developed our own unique way of speaking and writing, and I believe that that quality […]

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Understanding Insurance Bad Faith and What It Means for You and/or Your Business

This is a very well written piece about insurance bad faith. In essence, Florida’s bad faith laws help to force insurers to uphold their end of the bargain with policy holders. Florida’s legislature, often criticized as beholden to the insurance industry, is considering ANOTHER bill to limit or kill bad faith. Fortunately for Floridians, last […]

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