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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Has Your Insurer Wrongfully Denied Proton Therapy?

Proton therapy is one of the most advanced methods for delivering radiation to cancerous tumors.  In the most basic terms, radiation damages the DNA of the cancerous cells, which often impedes the cell’s ability to divide and grow.  The advantage of proton therapy over traditional radiation treatment is that proton therapy is designed to deliver […]

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Beware of a Wrongful Foreclosure Action

Sometimes lenders foreclose on a home for all the wrong reasons.  Liggio Law does not focus its practice on foreclosure defense. Instead, we represent homeowners who have been harmed by lenders who wrongfully bring foreclosure actions.  We often do this by bringing a counter-claim against a lender who has brought an improper foreclosure action against […]

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Should Your Homeowners Insurer Pay for Water Damage Caused by a Leaking Pipe?

Many homeowners policies are referred to as “all perils” policies which insure against a broad scope of damages with certain limitations, or “exclusions” contained in the policy that list items not covered. When it comes to water damage, policies often cover damage to the property caused by “accidental discharge” or “overflow of water or steam.” […]

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Using an Expert Witness to Support Your Property Damage Claim

In Florida, like in most states, homeowners can sue their homeowners insurance company when the insurer wrongfully denies a property damage claim.  Insurers deny claims for many reasons. An insurer’s denial of a claim often can violate the terms of the insurance policy. When this happens, the homeowner can sue the insurance company for breach […]

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When Should You Sue Your Homeowners Insurer for Storm Damage?

Imagine that in 2017, after Hurricane Irma came through Florida, your home or commercial property sustained roof damage from Hurricane Irma’s 90 mile per hour winds.  During this hurricane, many areas in Florida saw sustained winds, but did not experience substantial rainfall that is common in most hurricanes. Now imagine days later, after Hurricane Irma […]

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