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Have you ever received a letter suggesting you are in default ?

Have you ever received a letter from a collection company and/or your banking lender or mortgage servicer suggesting you are in default when you believe you are not? Were you afraid that there was no way to fight back or retain counsel to represent you in a dispute because the expense would be too high? […]

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Is My Covid-19 Test Covered by Health Insurance?

On March 18, 2020, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was signed into law. The law contains a provision (Division F Section 6001) for insurance coverage for the testing of Covid-19. It states that, both group and individual health insurance plans shall (aka must in legalese) provide coverage and must not “impose any cost sharing, […]

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Especially now, we need a Head Count

While we are all adjusting and dealing with this new Covid 19 reality, I recall an experience I had almost 30 years ago, when I was a Major, and a helicopter pilot in the Air Force Reserve. There was a lesson I learned then, that has stuck with me since, that I thought might be […]

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Coronavirus Insurance Issues

My apologies for my less than frequent blog post. One of the things I intend to do during this very uncertain and unsteady time is to blog about some of the issues we’ve been dealing with recently.. I hesitate to send this first post on one level, because I’ve never posted (as infrequently as I […]

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Health Insurers Requiring “Step Therapy” May Be in Breach of Fiduciary Duties

Health insurance companies, in an effort to protect profits, are using step therapy with more frequency.  Step therapy is the insurance practice of requiring policyholders to try cheaper treatments before they can use more expensive ones.  Insurers can require step therapy even when the policyholder’s doctor concludes that the less expensive treatments will not work […]

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Has Your Insurance Agent Caused You to Become Uninsured?

Florida insurance agents are often licensed and appointed agents of the insurance companies for which they sell insurance.  Insurance agents owe a duty to their customers to exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence in evaluating their insurance needs.  If an agent breaches this duty, and the customer is harmed by the agent’s failure to use […]

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Has Your Mortgage Lender Caused Your Homeowners Insurance To Lapse?

Most homeowners escrow the insurance premium for their homeowners insurance.  Under this arrangement, the homeowner’s mortgage lender bills the homeowner each month for the principal and interest owed on the mortgage, as well as the amount owed for the monthly insurance premium to insure the home.  In doing so, the mortgage lender agrees to timely […]

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Seeking Attorney’s Fees for Wrongful Foreclosure

Mortgages often contain fee provisions that allow the lender to recover attorney’s fees in the event the lender has to bring legal action against the homeowner.  The fee provisions are often one-sided, however, and provide that the lender can recover fees, but say nothing about the rights of the borrower to collect attorney’s fees if […]

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Has Your Insurer Wrongfully Denied Proton Therapy?

Proton therapy is one of the most advanced methods for delivering radiation to cancerous tumors.  In the most basic terms, radiation damages the DNA of the cancerous cells, which often impedes the cell’s ability to divide and grow.  The advantage of proton therapy over traditional radiation treatment is that proton therapy is designed to deliver […]

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Beware of a Wrongful Foreclosure Action

Sometimes lenders foreclose on a home for all the wrong reasons.  Liggio Law does not focus its practice on foreclosure defense. Instead, we represent homeowners who have been harmed by lenders who wrongfully bring foreclosure actions.  We often do this by bringing a counter-claim against a lender who has brought an improper foreclosure action against […]

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